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White, Black, Red, Blue lotus Seeds

ROSEMERC White, Black, Red, Blue Lotus Seeds ( Each 5, Total 20 seeds per packet)


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  • Seed Type: Flower
  • Suitable For: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Seed For: white,black,red,blue lotus( each 5) 20
  • Flowering Plant
  • Quantity: 20 per packet

Planting Tips: One end of the tail of the lotus seed is usually worn and then immersed in water, best in the sun, change the water every day, the seed will germinate slowly, rooting after the seeds of the show leaves, when the root grows to a certain size can be transplanted into the pool, level water should be suitable, do not use any chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and when the temperature rises, consistent water, etc. the lotus comes out of the water, the water level can be determined. the process is relatively cumbersome. suitable for family decorative plantings


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