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Mint Seeds (Pudina Seeds), 50 Seeds Packet

Mint Culinary Imported Herb, 50 Seeds by Garden Care

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Cultivating plant seeds, flower seeds, vegetable seeds, fruit seeds and herb seeds is easy, we need to prepare a soil mixed with manure, after frost (2-3 days) we can sow seeds in that soil, cover seeds with soil, make sure that the small seeds should be opened in the hand and covered lightly as for all flowers, and for vegetables, if the seeds are large, we can sow them in rows, the distance between them should be 3 -4 inch part later, some varieties need to be transplanted, always pour less water, remove additional weeds for good plant growth

  • Quality pack
  • Branded seeds
  • Kitchen garden pack
  • Organic


Here are some Health benefits of mint  :

1. Aids Digestion

2. Treats Asthma

3. Treats Common Cold

4. Cures Headache

5. Oral Care

6. Aids Weight Loss

7. Improves Brain Power

8. Skin Care

9.  Help Ease Symptoms Of Morning sickness or Nausea

10. Beats stress and depression


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