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Ugaoo Peace Lily Plant with Self Watering Pot

Peace Lily Plant- Spathiphyllum Plant

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It has glossy, elongated, lanceolate green leaves, bearing white (long) flowers, long-lasting, with an unusual appearance. With the ability to grow in low light conditions, this flowering beauty is one of the easiest indoor plants suitable in the living room, balcony or bedroom.

Potted living plant.

The pot self-wets where excess water is stored in the tank below, the roots then absorb the water through capillary action, and the plants receive water as needed, allowing you to water less often. A perfect office plant.
Peace lily is an air purifying plant because it effectively removes pollutants from inside. It is also an easy-care houseplant.

The height of the plant without pots is – 6 to 11 inches. And the spread of the plant varies between – 7 to 11 inches. And the height of the pot is 4 inches.
The watering requirement for the plant is generally twice a week. But it is ideal to water it whenever the top layer of soil feels dry.

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