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Good Luck Jade Plant with Self Watering Pot

Good Luck Jade Plant with Self Watering Pot. Jade from crassula family is a succulent plant that features evergreen, glossy, fleshy, and round leaves. It can be potted indoors in decorative containers and is suitable for bonsai.

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Crassula green mini or Jade Plant is easy to maintain and can survive long periods of neglect, making it a perfect plant for home decoration.
It is believed that this plant with its thick branched stems and small fleshy oval leaves bring good luck and prosperity at home, according to Feng Shui.
The watering requirement for the plant is generally only once a week. But it is ideal to water it whenever the top layer of soil feels dry.
The height of the plant without pots is – 6 to 12 inches. And the spread of the plant varies between – 6 to 8 inches.

What Self Watering Pot will do?

Pot is self- watering where excess water gets stored in the reservoir below, the roots then absorbs water via capillary action and the plants get water as and when required, allowing you to water less frequently. Making it perfect plant for office desk.

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