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Herb Seeds Combo Of Italian Basil, Oregano, Parsley

Pyramid Seeds Herb Seeds Combo Of Italian Basil, Oregano, Parsley

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The strong aroma of basil, like a clove, is an essential feature of many Italian recipes. It grows like a bushy plant with pale, fragrant green leaves. Oregano contains many phytonutrients and is available in both fresh and dried varieties, but the taste of fresh plants is superior to dry. Parsley is a biennial plant that usually grows annually in Indian conditions. The plant has bright green leaves and belongs to the same family as dill.

  • Package Contents: 3 Packet Seeds
  • Italian Basil : 1000 seeds, Oregano : 2000 Seeds, Parsley : 1100 Seeds
  • Easy to Grow – Can be grown in indian climate/weather conditions. Seeds are only for Home & Kitchen Garden, Not to be consumed directly or used in food.
  • Best Suitable for Home Gardening, Terrace and Indoor Gardening
  • Season of sowing: Throughout the year

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