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Jade Plant in Red Heart Ceramic Pot

Rolling Nature Good Luck Jade Plant in Red Heart Ceramic Pot. This beautiful jade plant in a lovely planter of red hearts is the perfect gift.

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The jade plant is beautifully succulent. Also called the money tree, Feng Shui is the most popular remedy and charm of happiness in Asia that is thought to activate financial energies.

Placement: Jade plants can be grown indoors and outdoors. Feng Shui encourages you to keep this plant in front of the office or in the office booth to invite happiness and prosperity. It is convenient to place it at the entrance at home. When placed to the southeast of a home / office, it attracts monetary happiness for good business or higher income. Place jade plants in eastern locations for family harmony, health, starting projects, scientific occupations; in southeastern locations for happiness; in the west locations for creativity or children’s happiness; and in northwestern locations for the happiness of mentors, teachers, and helpful people.

Light: An important aspect of caring for and maintaining jade plants is how much sun they get. They should be placed at least once a week in full sun for healthy growth. Although jade plants prefer a lot of sun, they will also tolerate light shade and light spots to grow well.

Water: Water the jade plant when the top of the soil is just dry to the touch. Be careful not to spill.


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