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Carmona Indoor Bonsai Plant with Pot

Bonsai Live Plants Carmona Indoor Bonsai Plant with Pot for Indoor Home – Air Purifying Indoor Flowering Plant

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This is the most beautiful I Shaped Carmona Bonsai Tree that will increase decor and fashion sense of your Home /Office. It has lush green leaves and often called Fukien Tea Tree . It?s the best Bonsai Plant for Indian Tropical Climate. Bonsai Tree as Awesome Gifting Plant This most selling Bonsai Tree is best of Home Decor as it can be placed inside the home, terrace or kitchen garden or outdoor garden. Similarly, since it requires less maintenance, you can use it in office anywhere from inside to lobby to reception. This is mostly sold as Corporate Gift in bulk by large to small corporations to show gratitude towards their employees, clients or even to lure bosses.

Easy to Grow and Low Maintenance Bonsai Plant It is a lush green leave bonsai tree that can be used indoor and outdoor both. The look of this Bonsai plant is amazingly beautiful. You may prune is once or twice a year if you feel the need else it is self-sufficient to grow. You can download the carmona bonsai caring instruction here. Beautiful & Elegant S Shape Carmona Bonsai Tree We?ve invested significant amount of time in training the bonsai trees from a pre-bonsai stage..

Our bonsai experts at various centres in North-East, South India prepare these bonsai trees from imported pre-bonsai plants have trained this to grow in S Shape which looks eventually beautiful. You don?t have to do much about it going further unless you want to give it the shape of the first letter of your name. ?? Flowering Bonsai Tree Carmona Bonsai Plant is one of the few bonsai trees of this category that blooms all year long

  • Style Statement – Exclusive Bonsai Tree by Abana Homes – Masterpiece Small Flowering Bonsai Plant developed by bonsai artisan in South East Asia. Unique Bonsai Tree blooms flower
  • Excellent Home Décor – Living Room, Study Table or Study Table – Bonsai Plants fits everywhere in the house. This bonsai plant tree fits outdoors as well as indoors. that flourishes well in Indian tropical climate
  • Easy to care. Unlike other bonsai plants like Banyan or Peepal, it is super easy to take care of it. This bonsai plant is genetically designed to flourish well in Indian tropical climate.
  • Healthy, Auspicious and Charming – This Bonsai Tree is considered to bring luck, prosperity and happiness when brought home. Scientifically, it is great natural air purifier that treats harmful chemicals like toluene in air and makes the air breathable.
  • This package contains a bonsai tree, a glazed ceramic pot with fine color and finish, and safety mechanism. You’ll get detailed caring instructions, and life time assistance from Abana Homes Team.

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