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Ulmus Bonsai Plant with Pot, 9 Yrs Old

Abana Homes Ulmus Bonsai Plants Real for Home with Pot, 9 Yrs Old 35cm

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Recommended for Every Bonsai Enthusiast – Very Robust, Woody, Bushy Lush Green Bonsai Tree for House.

  • Perfect Bonsai Tree for Beginners to Intermediate. Being a semi indoor bonsai plant, You can keep this near the balcony or window or in the garden.
  • Symbol of Peace and Intelligence: A beautiful bonsai plant for home which signifies peace, intelligence, love, balance, calm and a peaceful energy.
  • Unique Gift for your loved ones: Elm ( Ulmus ) is very woody, beautifully curve shaped and EASY TO CARE Bonsai Tree. So you can send this as a gift to your loved ones.
  • Well Trained Bonsai Tree by Asian Artisan from Thailand and Hongkong. 9 Yrs Old. Ceramic Pot, Plant Height : 35 cms
  • Care & Maintenance: Watering Daily, Fertilizer Once a month, Soil

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