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Exotic Green Ficus Bonsai Plant

Bonsai Live Plants Abana Homes Ginseng Grafted Ficus Bonsai with Ceramic Pot for Home/Office Decor (4 Years Old). The Ficus Bonsai plant is one of the most beloved bonsai trees in India for many reasons.

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The grafted 4-year-old bonsai from Ficus-Micorcapa turn out to achieve their beautiful unique shapes over time. Transplanting Ficus like Scion and Microcarpa as Stock works very well because Ficus heals quickly and grows vigorously, so transplanting is really quite successful. The grafted 4-year-old Ficus-Microcarpa bonsai is a combination of two different plants, Ficus and Microcarpa, combined together to increase overall strength. These perfect green gifts will make your home / office definitely a better place. Apart from the fact that these bonsai trees are very rare and beautiful to look at, they have been scientifically proven to be great stress destroyers.

Ficus Plant is most popularly known as Banyan Tree in India. You may have heard of the banyan tree as a sacred plant. This variety of ficus plant is called ginseng. It was created by transplanting two plants into one and making a unique bonsai plant with fat stems and green branches. Ficus Bonsai Plant for Beginners This is an excellent tree for beginners, as most species of Ficus Plant are fast growing, tolerant of most all soil and light conditions, make fine bonsai indoors and, perhaps most importantly, are terribly forgiving to those. who are just learning ficus techniques for watering bonsai. Air Purifier Ficus Bonsai Plant By absorbing harmful gases such as xylene, tulle and formaldehyde, bonsai plants work as great stress and air purifiers.

Exotic green ficus Microcarpa is a 3-year-old bonsai plant
This exotic plant comes in beautiful pottery. Our pot is made of high quality clay to ensure durability and longevity. Also, this stylish pot can stand with temperatures up to 50 degrees.

  • Pot Size: 10x10cm, Pot height with plant: 15cm

Care Training – To be done: Ideally keep them in the sun for 3-4 hours in the morning / evening. Prune old leaves that turn yellow to protect against fungal attack. Check coconut peat before watering. Ideally water them every alternate day for roots to get optimum supply Put manure every 6-8 months for better results.


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