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Chinese Elm Bonsai Live Plant

The Bonsai Plants Delightful Chinese Elm Bonsai Live Plant

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Popularly known as ulmus parvifolia, Chinese Elm or lacebark elm. The easy to grow Chinese elm with its very leaf and fine branch structure make a natural bonsai. The Chinese elms fast growth allows you to quickly develop nice mature twigging. These are one of the most used trees for bonsai.

  • A perfect home décor or a personalized gift option for your loved ones.
  • Needs Very Less Maintenance and Supervising
  • Popular choice as a bonsai species, and is perhaps the single most widely available.
  • Popularly known as ulmus or lacebark elm.
  • Elegant way to add green to your home and office.

Disclaimer: actual plant may vary from the image shown as it is a natural plant and will vary piece to piece. Plants do not come with any warranty.these are natural plants and require to be handled with love and care. Pot will vary as per the availability (stones not included).


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