Top 5 Indoor Plant care Items to Keep It Healthy

Indoor Plant care Items

Many people think that houseplants are immune to common garden pests and diseases such as mosquitoes, mites, mildew and black spots. But these diseases can spread among houseplants just as easily, especially if you regularly add new plant substances to your space

Pests and diseases of houseplants are usually introduced when the parent of the plant unknowingly brings home an infected plant which then spreads mold, insects or flames to babies from the environment. To avoid this altogether, consider isolating the new potted plant for a few weeks to make sure it is healthy and disease-free before placing it near other plants.

Moreover, proper care, including fertilizing plants in the spring and summer months, can also make them strong, healthy and better prepared to fight diseases and pests.

So we here introducing our hand picked top-rated all-purpose houseplant fertilizers, fungicides, insecticidal sprays to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

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