Let’s get Familiar with the vertical farming

vertical farming

Vertical farming technology is a great relief for those who are willing to cultivate but do not have space. Vertical models / vertical stands designed to rise upwards in layers help to overcome space constraints. With such specimens, more pots / Grobags can be placed even in small areas. This is a very useful technology for city dwellers with limited space.

Piramid Method

Grobags can hold up to 21 items. It will be limited to 2.09 square meters. Can be made of iron / GI straps. This is the established rule. A bucket can be fixed on the top shelf. It can be filled with water, drip-lined and drip-fed into each bag. Just open a valve and the water will reach the grobags. Normally up to 8 pots / grobags can be placed on a 2 sq m farm / terrace.

Horizontal Method

The system covers an area of 2.8 square meters and is 1.3 meters high. Can hold up to 29 grobags. There is a drainage facility and a system for draining excess water. Organic manure solutions can be given along with irrigation. Irrigation is not interrupted even when leaving the house.

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