Grow Bag Gardening Tips

Grow Bag Gardening Tips

If the mixture used in the Grow Bag is not in the right proportions, the intended result in cultivation will not be obtained. It is best to prepare the planting mix for terrace and planting mix in the yard or yard.

For terrace cultivation, first mix one and a half parts soil, one and a half part coir pith and half part cow dung at the rate of 25 gm lime powder per bag and heat for 2-3 days. Then add 10 g of Trichoderma and 25 g of neem cake to the mixture. Add green manure, or rotten leaves, or powdered charcoal, mix well and fill in the grobag. The amount of coir pith in the bag placed on the ground can be reduced. Increase the amount of green manure. Fertilizers and pesticides should be avoided in terrace farming. Bags can be arranged on the terrace with bricks or on the outside of a ledge or rafter. A Grow bag‌ can be used for up to three years. After each crop, the soil is mixed with manure and then heated for two days and then re-filled in the same bag and planted next crop.

A good compost can be made from weeds and fallen leaves in the Grow bag.

How to Prepare compost for Grow Bag?

Stretch one kg of sorghum in 20 liters of water and leave it for a day. Then drain it and pour it in a bowl. Add one kg of groundnut cake soaked in it. Spray one liter of solution on all four sides of the plants. Plants grow healthy and bear good fruit without blindness, jaundice and water borne diseases.

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