Readymade Potting bags or Jiffy pellet bags for Sowing seeds

Jiffy pellet bags are a very useful system for germination of seeds and rooting of stems. Jiffy pellet Bags are available in different sizes such as 30mm, 40mm and 50mm.

What is Jiffy pellet bags?

Jiffy bags are usually made by mixing spaghetti moss and coir pith together or individually. Fertilizers containing lime and ammonium may also be added to accelerate growth. All these are well combined and filled in a special bag made of a thin cloth-like material that decomposes in the soil. One side is open and the seed is to be planted there.

Things to take care while using Jiffy pellet bags

1. Arrange the gif pellet bags in a tray according to the number of seeds to be planted.
2. Pour a little hot water into the tray. If there is too much water in the tray, drain it slowly.
3. After making a small hole in each pellet bag (sufficient for moisture) the seeds can be carefully deposited into it and the rootstock should be lowered.
4. Arrange the trays in a well-lit place. Not a hot place.
5. Spray a little water only if the tray feels dehydrated.
6. Once the seed begins to germinate, the pellets can be moved slowly for ventilation.
7. Once the roots have hardened and the leaves are sufficient, the gif pellet bag can be carefully lowered into the growing bag or soil. It can be our usual care for further growth. The bag will stick to the soil.

Jiffy pellet bags are not only cheap but also easy to handle and very convenient for those who make and sell seedlings.

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