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Organic Growth Booster for Plants

BLOOMBUDDY Organic Growth Booster (1 Kg)


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Weight: 1 Kg

Bloom Buddy Organic Growth Booster

Give your plants the best organic nutrition. The Organic Growth Booster is very easy to use, enables robust plant growth and makes your plants more resistant to pests and diseases. Bloom Buddy is that constant friend your plants need. The Organic Growth Booster restores all the essential macro and micro-nutrients in the soil to ensure your plants grow happy and healthy.

Suitable for all plants

The Bloom Buddy Organic Growth Booster is suitable for all kinds of plants including indoor, outdoor, flowering, fruiting or any other ornamental plants/trees.

Made of Organic components and contains beneficial microbes

Enriches soil with micro, macro and trace nutrients. It is made from press mud, molasses, poultry manure and many other natural ingredients. Contains carbon, nitrogen, phosphate, potash, calcium, sulphur, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, boron and a mixture of beneficial microbes.

Children and Pet Safe

It is very safe and easy to use. Fully natural and safe that even your kids can have fun learning gardening using Bloom Buddy. You can easily avoid the harmful chemical fertilizers to grow your own organic veggies and fruits. A simple step for a sustainable tomorrow.

Sustainable and Lasting Formula

Naturally improves quality of the soil for long lasting benefits impact. Helps curb soil and water pollution. Makes the plants strong from the inside and visually lush & healthy.


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