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Liquid Seaweed Concentrate for Plants

OrganicDews Liquid Seaweed Concentrate for Plants 250 ml with Measuring Cup 25 ml Fertilizer for All Indoor and Outdoor Plants

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Organic Gardening with Liquid Seaweed Concentrate 

Liquid seaweed is an excellent food for plants. It has hormones, that is, auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins and many other minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are natural growth stimulants. These nutrients feed the growth of plant cells and this results in healthier, stronger and disease-resistant plants.
Liquid seaweed fertilizers have hormones; that is, auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins and betaines contribute to the overall health of the plant. Auxins are one of the main hormonal components that regulate the speed of development of the plant. Auxins tend to increase or delay the growth rate of the plant. Help flower buds to bloom in time.

ENRICHED SOIL: Increases microorganisms in the soil that can invoke nitrogen from the air. It reduces the salt content, breaks the mineralized layer and effectively resolves the salinization of the soil caused by excessive fertilization.

INCREASE GROWTH: Improves seed germination and increases the development of root growth. Thus producing quality flowers and tasty fruits.

BALANCING NUTRITION: Promotes the balanced growth of plants and increases the number of flowers and the size of flowers and fruits. It contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus necessary for plant growth and chelating trace elements such as calcium, magnisum, zinc, boron, molybdenum, etc. that provide all the nutrients in balance.

RESISTANCE TO DISEASES: Increases the immunity and resistance of plants against resistance to drought, protection against frost and recovery from stress.


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