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Stylish Metal Watering Can for Gardening

Mahogany Life Watering Can for Gardening (1.8 litres) – Stylish Metal Watering Pot for Indoor or Outdoor House Plants, Kitchen Garden, Terrace Garden, Gardening with Long Spout (Yellow)

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Enjoy the joys of gardening with Mahogany Life’s beautifully designed metal watering can. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor plants, this watering can comes with a long thin spout, for more precise watering. It comes with a capacity of 1.8 Litres of water in a beautiful Blue & lovely Yellow.

  • SPECIAL LONG SPOUT DESIGN – For house plants with a small soil bed, heavy foliage, succulents, hanging plants, wall mounted plants or any indoor plant – you need a long spout metal watering can that helps control the flow of water with a soft, precise and targeted aim. On the other hand, a standard shower type watering can can make the water sprinkle all over, causing a mess outside your pot.
  • STYLISH HOME DECOR PIECE – No need to hide those watering cans for your garden behind curtains anymore! This elegant and curvy watering pot with its unique shape and gorgeous finish, becomes a sophisticated decorative gem in your home – add some vintage style and show off your home decoration.
  • TOP QUALITY – This sturdy gardening water can is leak proof and will last you years even with frequent use. Just turn the watering jug upside down to remove all the extra water once you are done watering the plants to ensure no water is left sitting in the jar after use.
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE – The big curvy handle also helps in reaching plants that are normally out of reach when watering plants. Besides the effortless pouring, the convenient space between the ergonomic handle and the body of the garden watering can makes it very easy to refill water
  • BEST GIFT FOR PLANT LOVERS – With its unique design, lovely colour and practical usage, this indoor and outdoor watering can will make for the perfect gift for anyone who has house plants at home, a terrace garden, a balcony garden or a kitchen garden. They will thank you forever!

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