Money Plant: Feng shui and Vastu Tips

Money Plant

It is believed that the Money Plant will help with everything from a good night’s sleep to cash flow home. It is this belief that gave the plant the name ‘Money Plant’, a heart-shaped leafy plant mixed with green and white.

It is believed that the money plant can fill the house with fresh air and spread positive energy. However, it is believed that the money will increase the wealth of the house where the plant is planted, which gives the plant its acceptance and popularity.

Money plant Placement

According to feng shui beliefs, the money plant should be placed near a computer or television. Feng shui experts say that having a money plant will reduce anxiety and stress in the home and help you sleep better. This will help to fill the house with positive energy.

However, if the money plant is placed in the south-east direction, there will be health and economic upliftment in the family.

Wrong Placements

Feng shui experts say that the money plant should not be planted on the north-eastern side of the house. This is because there is more negative energy in this area. If the plant is placed in this direction there will be financial loss and loss of health of family members.

Never store dried mani plant indoors. Experts say this could lead to financial loss and ill health. Always be careful to water and cut accurately. Particular care should be taken not to dry out the leaves of the mani plant on the floor.

Experts point out that if the money plant is placed in the south-east direction, there will be constant quarrels between the wife and husband. Money plant should be planted very carefully as it has both pros and cons. And do not forget to care for them more carefully than planting.

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